Virtual assistant to increase your sales.
Building virtual assistants based on Facebook messenger platform for increasing your profit.
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AIVA is specialized in building customized virtual sales representatives (chatbot), based on Facebook messenger platform for guiding users when choosing or planning to buy goods, products, services. ( AIVA is Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant)

Facebook chatbot is useful automation feature to support human - like conversations or guidance for online shops, stores, online service providers (such as: hotels, restaurants, taxi, aviation, hospitals, emergency services, etc.)

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Building AI approaches
Highly customizable self-coded intellect.
AI intellect, built using ELIZA sceleton.
Wit.AI - connecting to the world known Wit.AI service.
RecastAI external intellect, or any other AI API.
Supported development platforms (for the webhook)
Node.js (preferred)
Ruby on Rails
Pricing options
Developing demo for the desired Facebook messenger chatbot Fixed price $50 (limited functionality)
Fixed cost
Fixed one time payment per one Facebook messenger chatbot. Starting from $4000
Monthly subscription (Recommended)
Paying fixed value every month. This plan includes development, setup, maintenance and support. The monthly payment vary based on particular Messenger chantbot. Starting from $70 / month
What is needed to start building your chatbot?
To make you virtual assistant chatbot for the Facebook messenger platform we need the chat cases in the format below (samples are for three different shops):
Shoes demo shop
Pizza shop
Hotel reservation
Alternatively, flow diagram (flowchart) can be used to start developing a chatbot.
What are Facebook chatbots?
Today, more and more people use chat application such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or even Slack when they’re working to communicate and plan their lives.

You’re chat application of choice is probably the most used app on your smartphone. Why should you be restricted talking to humans only? What about if you could book your next hotel room, buy some products, goods or even book a vacation trip with the help of a quick chat with your vacation planner? What if you could chat about the shoes you need rather than surfing through the webshop without guidance.

Chatbots are a way to fill those gaps. They’re small computer programs which chat with you in a way like a human would talk to you.

Microsoft is one of the companies which is sold on chatbots. More and more messenger companies open APIs so that you can develop your own chatbot based on their platform. Telegram has even started a challenge where they’ll give away 1 Million $ to chatbot devs.

Now is the right time to jump into chatbot development and join the fun. Let me build your own!
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About me
My name is Sem Shekhovtsov, I'm expert developer, for more than ten years I'm building and architecturing programs, utils and scalable web applications. I'm proficient in following technologies: NodeJs, C# .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, MVC (css, javascript, ajax, jQuery, AngularJS, bootstrap), WCF, WPF, Windows forms. Nowadays, constructing lightweight, smart chatbot virtual assistants is my metier.